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Holy Colony Burning Acres

by Troy Kingi

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The third instalment of Troy Kingi’s aspirational 10|10|10 Series (ten albums in ten genres in ten years), Holy Colony Burning Acres delves into the dark corners of worldly Indigenous politics, namely colonisation and its (c)rippling effects on today’s social climate.

A stark contrast to the space psychedelia of Kingi’s sophomore offering (Shake Your Skinny Ass All The Way To Zygertron), Holy Colony Burning Acres is a motivated commentary on indigeneity wrapped in an electrifyingly 70s-styled deep roots/reggae offering reminiscent of such bands as The Abyssinians, The Upsetters and The Congos.


released July 12, 2019

All Songs written by Troy Kingi (Pseudo Ego Troy Kingi and Rob Ruha)

Troy Kingi Lead Vocals/Guitar/Keys/Bass
Treye Liu Drums
Marika Hodgson Bass
Hani Totorewa Keys
Guy Harrison Trumpet
Nina Joyce BV
Rachel Hall BV
Additional Piano and Keys Brendan Zwaan
Guitar solo (Glass Eel) Tyna Keelan
Guest Vocals Melodownz

Spoken Word
Kipa Munro ~ Maori
Domingo Candelario ~ Spanish
Trwar Max (1942) Cheif of Ireeuw Clan ~ West Papua
Julia Corciulo ~ Indonesian
Hana Tapiata ~ Maori
Jarulah Slabb ~ Aboriginal
TePuawaitanga Silich ~ Maori Karanga
Natty Salaimanu ~ Solomon Islands
Shahab Ramhormozian ~ Iranian
Shirley Tubbs ~ English

Recorded at RedRoom Studios NZ ~ Auckland
Produced and Recorded by Troy Kingi and TeMatera Smith
Assistant Engineer Jamie Crerar
Field Recording (voices) Brendan Zwaan
Mixed by TeMatera Smith
Mastered by Chris Chetland (KOG)

Photography Abe Mora


all rights reserved



Troy Kingi Auckland, New Zealand

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Track Name: Ethiopia
Answers are in your genetics, every single one holds the truth blueprints aside whats insides kept for
those who rule

Who truly is the chosen one?
Been here since the very beginning of time?
Some say we were forged in the dream light
Or while the earth was being designed

All my gold all my rubies – my heritage all taken from me
(I got treasures under foot, test me with your holy book. You come in to devastate, is this a dream or
is this fate?)

Where you sit on the family tree (grandfather he fell for a dollar)
Our Hazy History
Who got ties to the utmost high (Derived from the original power)

Are you a shaker or a mover?
He with the conqueror manoeuvre
Only one can claim to the pure blood
Says he aint no Lion of Judah

All their pain all their desires, I have attained and now I must acquire
(I got treasures under foot, test me with your holy book. You come in to devastate, is this a dream or
is this fate?)

We left Alkebulan, we took the heart away with us
Stars flow deep in our veins, a message from the gods above
Ocean Eyes sent from the skies
Poison perfection, Planned misdirection

Answers are in your genetics, every single one holds the truth blueprints aside whats insides kept for
those who rule
Track Name: Colour Of My Skin
The footings of your house sit upon a stolen wealth
survived so long on tall tales passed down
the history books always overlooked the freedoms that you took

One people pushed out to make way for holy things
another brought in to take care of future kings
one day your empire will come sinking into the sand
cos you’re not for the land
it’s all about equity in the hand

when the final fish is caught and all the rivers are gone
when the sky is beaten you’ll finally see that money can’t be eaten
I know my ancestors were taken from other lands
fought endlessly for equality
yet i’m still judged by the colour of
What’s more important the people or the flag?
“Go off and go burn your nikes’
There’s some super dark stuff that nobody wanna talk about
“As long as I got my 5th amendment”

people killed while others watch from golden clouds
Ain’t ask for nothing but a chance to make their mama proud
we are statistics now just numbers in a native crowd
I fight the greed so those who went before can get some peace

Stand Up
Come on and Raise em up
Gotta be more commonsense then a nuclear defence
Power to the people
We were all made equal
The few at the top
We have to chop them off
you got to Use your Voice
shout scream come make some noise
We see the rich get richer
But we get clearer picture
We are the Majority
So here’s some clarity
united we’re powerful
no monster could ever overthrow
Track Name: Pseudo Ego
You ain’t good enough for seven
So you move your slot to the AM
Every Tom, Dick and Harry has something to say
Apparently your getaway beaches are full of leeches
This Rock is a Hole
Sipping on the money teet

Better shut your Piggy Banks
Islands wanna fill their tanks
Ungrateful never giving thanks
Since way before Endeavour Sank
Them half naked with a wooden spear
(pseudo ego)
Speaking language I don’t wanna hear
(pseudo ego)
Teach their babies with a Cuisenaire
Then Natives need to Disappear.

We Ain’t going nowhere
No Matter what you say
We Ain’t going nowhere

Pissing on a silver spoon
eat em up, buena petite-o
El Gringo - Puta que pariu
I’m sorry that our traditions
Make you a little uneasy
But most of yours make me a little fucken

Free Speech ain’t free at all
Are you willing to take the fall
Higher ups always make the calls
Elite conspire behind closed doors
Track Name: Born Of This Earth
Just the other week I saw an exodus
thousands fleeing from destruction
they’d Rather brave the seas then their countryman
There’s no dreams left in their home land

I know that money talks but how can you turn away a child
love is what we need
if you were born of this earth then how can you be a refugee no
love for one and for all

Propaganda brought the Powerhouse
Made their Leader into a Villain
Wanna make your own currency break free from the dollar
fast forward to the present and your people just trying survive

This wasn’t for humanity it was a forced entry it was a crime
Left the people to pick up the pieces the damage is done you already won
Track Name: Mighty Invader
All our lineage rests on the hope child
send him out to protect the order
testing the ghost breaking the water
Right there lies our dreams dead on the coastline
Karma strikes it strikes without fanfare
When your first contacts through the cross hair
You darn gone scorched the earth (oohhhh)
pushed me out of my home town (my hometown)
I watch it burn and burn
and i can’t take it just lying down
Aint no circus we no need no clown

They wanna trade everything that I own for these blue beads.
What can I do with a Blanket Flu Captain?
The Mighty Invader
when you are the one with the musket gun should I flee or succumb so my son aint no orphan, dear
Mighty Invaderx3 (with Sax)

Sent by the King
to Infiltrate the offspring
water down DNA
till their race can reign supreme

Every dock, every port
every chief that you extort (sax riff)
it puts you higher and higher on your high horse
You leave a little piece behind
from the pacific to the great beyond
remnants of you in bronze statues
(ohhhhhh)to the naked eye you are a legend you are a god (you are a god)
But in reality you and your crew are the firing squad

The dagger you gifted has come back she’s come back to stab you in the back
like i say karma
Track Name: Bird Of Paradise
We shall not fear when our bird sings
from the garden of Eden
blind eyes will turn when their own skies burn
Someone free the bird of paradise
from the grip of Babylon
been waiting a long time for your love
you may burn my forest down but you will never burn me to the ground
been waiting a long time for your love
Self-determination is all anybody wants
freedom of choice yeah, freedom of thought
Media only wants you to see a filtered truth
Open your eyes and start looking for yourself
big man bully him far too long
The People of the dirt will rise to right the wrongs
someone free West Papua
from the grip of Babylon
been waiting a long time for your love
you can’t cage the bird of paradise
cause he was born wild
been waiting a long time
Push a chief to the floor
Your asking for guerilla war
Try chain these mighty tiger claws
Natives you must defeat
for the diamonds under feet
You claim the mountain to the shore
story travels across the sea
can’t make a change from your computer screen
you have to see
it has to be me
Track Name: We Were Once Kings
This is getting hard now
cos we once were kings
inch by inch this archipelago
it turns to flames
As this ancient landscape
becomes commercialised
all will be forgotten unless our children rise

light in the sky with feathers like a bird
for the lonely one and the stone he overturned
unified before it was destroyed
A Paradise
This Holy place forged from the depths of the earth
Goddesses rage turns the fire into dirt


Militarised zone
Covers sacred bones
My Elders weep
cos now our dance is just a cheap parlour trick
been oppressed since your disease made me sick
Is this reality a thing we can unfix
It seems we’re just a game in politics

yes this will be hard now
for us to be kings
inch by inch this archipelago
it turns to flames
As this ancient landscape
becomes commercialised
all will be forgotten unless our children rise

Track Name: Babylon Grows
They catch you sleeping it’s an early grave
They suck you in and spit you out
if only there was another way
we wouldn’t have to scream and shout

it grows, Babylon grows x2

we see the flames in the distance
and nobody wanna put them out
epitome of persistence
we might as well scream and shout

it grows Babylon grows x2

History swept under the rug
Forgot who was original
We are the people of the land and that’ll never change
Mountains watched since the dawn of time
and remain until were gone
As long as there’s Queens
there will never be peace

now everybody wanna helping hand
or somebody that’ll understand
We send a message to the western land that they live in castles made of sand

it grows Babylon grows
Track Name: Glass Eel
Up in mystery sea we begin the ride, an evolutionary journey taking us to the coastline
From a humble leaf we start to show some teeth, a fascination with the surface and what lies

How Many sunsets till we get where we wanna get?
At the moment I’m nocturnal oooo I travel at night – until I get my yellow stripes
Baby, I’m sticking with my family Its safer in a crowded bunch
Don’t wanna be nobody’s lunch

Are we moving up stream today
To the ocean to hibernate
The eel the fish and the submarine
Form a line against technology
1000 leagues in the luke warm seas
To replicate and disintegrate
Oooooo Catch a lift on the tidal drift
Fresh river take us in and start again

By Day I’m a Glass Eel by night I’m an Elver, My slender little frame gains a pound that’s my culture
We are young and we swim against gravity, from way up here we get a better view of the sea

How many full moons till my fate is doomed?
For now, I’m climbing waterfalls oooo I’m fighting the fight until I get my silver stripes
Baby down in the muddy banks down where we reside
A nice dark place to hide


I’ve followed the stream now I’m at the end,
I’ve migrated to the big unknown ooooo the mysterious place
I’ve morphed from stage to stage
Baby time to take my place in the greater order of things
I fall and then it begins
Track Name: First Nation
It’s the land that governs the man
without it - we got nothing
Our essence engrained in the snow
don’t degrade me I ain’t no westernised eskimo

money over everything
seems to be a common thread
can we have a talk instead
native to the corporate head
we are the guardians
protect for the future generations
we are the Land we are the sea
We are the first nation

my brothers my sisters to the north of the turtle (Viva America)
i hear you i feel you i see you
same shit happened to me too
we were beaten for speaking our native tongue
While you were sent to schools of elimination

Find the root we find the cause
separate us till we arent a force
there ain’t nothing more dangerous
then a native man who knows who he is
They pushed us for centuries
but we’ll remain till the end of days
I am the land the land is me.
I am the first nation
We must fight till kingdom come kingdom come
Shamans pray on the moon and the sun
chase away babylon babylon
Yes we will overcome overcome

1st verse again
Track Name: How Much Fruit
How much fruit/ can dem take/
from the tree/ before it won’t fruit anymore
Wiseman know that -one must wait/ till dem fall
When that peach is yours for free

In the name of progress disturb the peace
who capitalise the least
when dem civilise the beast
The land is bare - and no one plants a seed, my mother pleads

how can we see the same view
when your first and i’m last
we can’t build a new
Till we Address the past

How much longer are we gonna play these games
cos Im sick of living in this manufactured shame

I aint in a laughing mood
they’ve come to extract the crude
while a child he has no food
keep taking what aint yours
but now we woke - it’s the mirror smoke

The land is bare - and no one plants a seed, my mother pleads
Track Name: Truganini
All lands have queens
but she’s a goddess of the dream-time
evaders of the black line
around the world it’s a reoccurring thing


Everybody wants the simplest things
they want hope they want love
no voice from above
it’s the truth and it echoes through the ages
you cannot refute our history
yes I was taught to compromise but at what price
the past is the heaviest burden
so many broken promises
I must warn the others - set the plains on fire

let me rest in the river
behind the mountain
give my all to the bloodline
it’s up to them how the story ends


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