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The Ghost of Freddie Cesar

by Troy Kingi

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theUtmost thumbnail
theUtmost Can't wait to hear the next albums in Troy's 10 albums / 10 genres / 10 years gauntlet. After giving this album a thorough listen 3 times through, I had to buy his discography so far.
I defy anyone to listen to track #1: "Shake that skinny ass" without finding their foot tapping. Check yo pulse if it doesn't - odds are your soul has completely shuffled off its mortal coil! Favorite track: Shake That Skinny Ass.
Gaslight Gatekeep Girlboss
Gaslight Gatekeep Girlboss thumbnail
Gaslight Gatekeep Girlboss Troy Kingi reaffirming my decision to instantly buy all of his new releases. Hard to pick a favorite track when the whole album slaps this hard.
Pereiha thumbnail
Pereiha Tino kino te pai! This album resonates on so many levels, and you can dance to it. Has been on high rotation since release. Tēnā koutou Troy Kingi and friends. Favorite track: All Your Ships Have Sailed.
TheToiletDuck thumbnail
TheToiletDuck My album of the year Favorite track: Nam Must Stay.
Whyte Rushan
Whyte Rushan thumbnail
Whyte Rushan yeah, heard an interview with Troy on Totally Wired 95 BFM, so good, lost father on the road to Auckland and a lost cassette tape, and that was next level, not sure what is more frustrating the lost dad down a, a ravine, or the lost tape down the back of a sofa, but anyway file a missing person report with the New Zealand Police, they can find anyone. Excellent, songs you done - Freddie proud. Favorite track: Through My Venetians.
rawkuss thumbnail
rawkuss original and its bumps pretty dam hard Favorite track: All Your Ships Have Sailed.
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    Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

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Shake that Skinny Ass VERSE ONE In the city where they got no face (yeah) I wanna rest my case upon the neon floor I wanna know something now: Can you match the moon to the morning light? Cause when the sun come Are you still gonna be yourself? I don’t want nobody else CHORUS Shake that Skinny Ass Somebody come move the tables If you’re ready and able Come boogie with me (Come boogie with me baby) Get your body on the dance floor Dance till your ass can’t dance no more People say funk is a dinosaur But I don’t care, I just wanna dance some more VERSE TWO Will this city girl move to the country? To the land of milk and honey? Ain’t nuthin' for you here but a suited puppeteer Pushing you down the rat maze When you gonna stand up to the man? Break the chains free I need to see ya let your feet loose lady Cutting shapes in the rain and don’t you let nobody come and stop that train come on CHORUS VERSE THREE Stop looking through cynical eyes Cause what you see is hidden in disguise Truth won’t be televised They’re making us out to be punks Ain’t nobody taking my funk BRIDGE I bring the party to the night parade Where all the silly people masquerade I spoon the powdered sugar, she pour the cream Mix it up until we make a super light beam come on
Is the Honeymoon Gone? VERSE ONE Never met an energy quite like yours Better than dopamines inside my momma’s top drawer Egotricity pours from dark skies when I look into them eyes I know where I stand, when I fall I always land Solar Queen you’re my stick in quicksand PRE-CHORUS Hold on to that youthful love – How long till we don’t give a stuff? CHORUS Remember when embracing was motivation And courting was as subtle as a big harpoon This call could easily sound complacent Imma wait outside your room under the winter moon VERSE TWO Wisdom is an anti-aphrodisiac Cause once you learn you never come back All the lovers who love after me You can use me as a referee Don’t be cynical, make it more than physical With the right one she is biblical PRE-CHORUS Age has really worn me down Can’t believe we used to be the talk of the town Hold on to that youthful love – How long till we don’t give a stuff? CHORUS BRIDGE Is the honeymoon honeymoon gone? (x2) Find twenty-year-old you To make love always be new
Caught in the Rain VERSE ONE ‘Bout to disembark This woman’s left her mark Now I can’t see, the fruit from the trees (Lord) Somebody gone and stepped me out for wanting to be free Can anyone spare their tokens (now)? My muse is broken Colour me, opal skies I’m looking straight out to commotions that ain’t helping my hyperbole PRE-CHORUS These words ain’t worth the paper that they’re scribbled on Dig deep for revelations – only need one CHORUS Ain’t nobody here to paint it for you Ain’t nobody got no paint ‘Cause you left your love in California trying to run from the rain Oh, babe ain’t no shame when you get caught in the rain POST-CHORUS You used the last of heavens stardust lined up parallel Now my little baby honey’s hooked on caramel Oh, babe ain’t no shame when you get caught in the rain VERSE TWO The answers in the drugs Pulling the Philosophers rug He gone keep on falling Hallucinates installing PRE-CHORUS Now we looking at the sheep arrive rolling up on the train Its twenty passed five, it’s my mistake I’ve waited far too late baby CHORUS & POST-CHORUS BRIDGE Ain’t no shame ain’t no shame When you get caught in the rain Ain’t no shame ain’t no shame ain’t no shame ain’t no shame babe CHORUS
Through my Venetians VERSE ONE Ain’t been the same since my tour of duty Clouds suffocate the sky (Shadows be my place to hide) Neighbours look at me like I’m a fruit cake We just stay inside (We don’t wanna backslide) Peer though my venetians Looking Good Wish I could come out to meet you PRE-CHORUS Any step is a step forward Ain’t no corner of my mind yet to be explored One more win just to fall I don’t wanna do this no more CHORUS If you keep busting up my letterbox I won’t get my smiles from the girl in the south I bite my tongue ‘cause momma said: “If you ain’t got nuthin’ good to say then keep it in your mouth” VERSE TWO Taking time to reintegrate When my emotions ain’t that great Seems I am the jive one (We are the jive ones) Melody will serve you well If you don’t mind show and tell This is the answer (This is the answer) Stare through my venetians Every cat’s getting fat Might stay here in my room PRE-CHORUS CHORUS
Chronophobic Disco VERSE ONE Run oh run till your time is done Yours is wearing thin waiting for a spark to kick in I don’t know why everybody doesn’t find what feels good and hold it till they belly up (yeah) PRE-CHORUS Forget what you thought were the rules on how to spend your time When you’ve finally got It baby, we’re all dead CHORUS The day it waits for no man Procrastinating eyes You need to check your wingspan It might be undersized VERSE TWO How many years do you think you have? Wake up and smell the air before the oxygen disappears I don’t know why everybody doesn’t hate when there’s love? Too many branches missing their doves PRE-CHORUS Forget what you thought were the rules stop living in the past Ain’t gonna win nuthin’ when you’re coming last (when you’re coming last) CHORUS POST-CHORUS The day it waits for no one Not even CEOs Stand up and grow some Can’t reap what you don’t sow OUTRO Talking ad lib (Double end length fade out)
First Take Strut VERSE ONE A clear film over me makes a laminated nosebleed And my ability to feel – a loneliness I keep close to my chest Floating over the motel, nobody giving me more towels Too much time to kill, pink script on the windowsill I need to find a way to tear up ‘Cause you can tell if it’s made up Lighting up the place illuminates your face See through your flaws CHORUS You can hide everything but the eyes Only experience gonna find ways to sell lies Improvise your way out of a tight spot No way you’re ever gonna get it on the first take VERSE TWO Everybody stand in line, giving digits like a valentine You ain’t nothing but a number (nothing but a number), we ain’t getting younger Since I stumbled into your line of work – I know I’m late to the fold, so I’ll do what I’m told (I can’t say no) Ain’t never been nobody’s hot stuff Did I give too much or not enough? Costume on the wall Best bits left on the cutting room floor CHORUS OUTRO This is a Façade What you see is only the scars Holding true to the authentic you Fray at the seams Perfect pictures ain’t what they seem Tired eyes they can’t sleep they just scheme There is a story to tell Gather your people need new personnel Cause a tall tale’s a hard one to sell The blind leading the blind In the end – you can’t hide from your mind Flawed is how we are designed
Nam Must Stay INTRO Civilisations disappear – war is a mandatory evil One thing that is crystal clear – war is a mandatory evil This dog tag ain’t a souvenir – war is a mandatory evil One thing that is crystal clear – war is a mandatory evil VERSE ONE Wake up it’s your last day We getting up out the jungle Trip flare it’s your last play Red bird gone keep you humble Big Boys moving in Gung-ho with the gun show Rabbit in a deer skin Trigger happy with the ammo (ammo ammo) Nam must stay (ad lib) VERSE TWO I hide from Mr Charlie His moose was on a Harley Government tried to warn me Snakes come in the morning Nam must stay (ad lib) BRIDGE Yes, when I get home I don’t wanna be alone It’s been three years with the flashback tears – don’t wanna be sad, I don’t wanna be A-lone whoa child Let me come back to ya baby, let me come back (lead guitar) VERSE THREE Sunset through the palm trees as we move on down the river Pop smoke 10 kliks behind me, wet tiger suit makes me shiver Chilly in the long grass, get silly with the green dew No matter how far I get from this place – Nam it won’t forget you Nam must stay (ad lib) OUTRO (rehash intro)
Skylegs Jackson Imma tell ya bout my neighbourhood Imma sell you on the area Let’s settle in fast like a steak to a Pitbull terrier See she’s a peaceful bend down here on the great muddy where I’m from Kids playing ball in the streets, witchdoctors reading fortunes and doing the voodoo, the smell of southern soul food hugging the city And yes, my brothers (them brothers) hustling away into the dark hours of the night Just another regular day – paperboy selling the same old news: “You see Nixon is in the top house and our men still over in Nam Flower power preaching love not war” yeah she was an ordinary day except for one thing – “What one thing Freddie?” (laughs) “her” There she stood eclipsing the sun, an angel’s silhouette Her eyes deep and dangerous – them eyes was a mantrap Blackberry lips – I remember thinking to myself: “I bet they’re sweeter than Du Mond's Beignets” We had seen her many times before – legs stretching to the heavens They called her ‘SKYLEGS JACKSON’ With a street band playing up on the sidewalk she beckoned me to dance I didn’t hesitate, I was mesmerised, hypnotised by her hips They moved like a rattlesnake’s tail And her feet bounced like she was avoiding hot coals Mmm yes, we danced we danced we danced The night came quickly – Full moon illuminating the sky Crowds pour into the streets and now the Quarter becomes a Mardi Gras Sight sound smell and taste – a sensory overload All the while them eyes still deep, still dangerous She moved close and I moved closer And she took my hand And she sent me to the promised land
Good Love 03:59
Good Love VERSE ONE Know by my tone my heart’s accident prone Attracted to pain and the cheapest champagne PRE-CHORUS ONE On and on and on Stuck in this bad luck phenomenon Losing parts of me To this counterpart search jubilee VERSE TWO Remember my first? I think it was the worst Took me an age to wash off this curse PRE-CHORUS TWO Nice men never win She want the vocals not the mandolin Nothing’s Guaranteed especially if your karma is clean CHORUS You know I’m fine being lonely (being lonely) I’ve always been low key (I was always) I’m keeping my own company Cause good love ain’t free You can find lust in a heartbeat (in a heartbeat) You can hear words that I won’t repeat (I won’t say that word) If you’re being played in a penthouse suite Good love ain’t free (x2) VERSE THREE Come and they Go Eb and they Flow One thing’s for sure I think I’ve hit my Plateau PRE-CHORUS Its only down from here I’ll take any animalistic affair But could I find the one if my heart was on and aware? CHORUS Good love ain’t free (x2) PRE-CHORUS ONE
King of the Powder INTRO (ALSO CHORUS) He may look mean and good for nothing, least he got the goods Non-conformer, he worked the corner… he did what he could You wouldn’t believe he would up and leave… turn into the don King of the Powder with all the power, the prodigal son VERSE ONE I must have left my diamonds on the plane When all the work dried up they all went insane My friend Picasso he don’t know he lay low till the Five-O ends Can Mr Poppy pop his head out that depends? PRE-CHORUS Can you keep it from your brother? It’s bigger than family Unless you like concrete feet CHORUS VERSE TWO Several years have passed and now we meet again Me with a Capri you with a Black Mercedes Benz All the luxury won’t make a decent man Left the fire only to return to this hot frying pan PRE-CHORUS It’s snowing out on the streets Won’t let it in my house no more Maybe when they got no soldiers in the war CHORUS OUTRO King of the Powder take all the power, the prodigal son King of the Powder with all the power… the ultimate con King of the Powder lose all the power, God of Babylon King of the Powder none of the power, witness protection
All your Ships have Sailed VERSE ONE I know that windows closed but why you gotta draw bad memories And baby what you propose, I might as well start eternity Sitting in the dark baby it’s an art Bringing up the two step on the boundary line Gangster on the corner / what you order? I think a bit more Cause you got three daughters who adore ya Two sons that are both brawlers (let me call you) All I wanna say is I’m inadequate, momma told me I would know when I should quit CHORUS Its fate to learn from our mistakes Exhale cause all your ships have sailed VERSE TWO Done had a hard life, at a gunfight with a knife I had to fight for every little thing Was lucky I could sing and do it with a broken wing (My Lord) Even though there’s a church every street, these kids got nothing to eat and success feels bittersweet BRIDGE No light could ever shine in the dark – this town full of sharks Been this way since the beginning of time, born into crime CHORUS VERSE ONE (Same as Verse One, with echoes


The 4th album in Troys 10|10|10 album series (10 Albums, 10 genres in 10 Years), and this is quite possibly the most personal to date.
A Funk album re imagining the music of the legendary American artist Freddie Cesar. This record is dedicated to the memory of Troys father.


released September 11, 2020

(Cast Alphabetically)
Elijah Whyte – Drums
Forrest Thorp – Keys & Horns
Greg Haver – Percussions
Guy Harrison – Keys & Horns
Iraia Whakamoe – Drums
Liam Rolfe – Trombone
Marika Hodgson – Bass Guitar
Ngāneko Newman – Guest Vocals (on First Take Strut)
Nina Joyce – Background Vocals
Rachel Hall – Background Vocals
Sam Loveridge – Strings & Guitar
Treye Liu – Drums
Troy Kingi – Lead Vocals & Guitar

All songs written by Troy Kingi & Freddie Cesar

Produced and recorded by Troy Kingi & TeMatera Smith at RedRoom Studios NZ
Assistant Engineers: Jamie Crerar & Grant Katzin
Mixed by Te Matera Smith
Mastered by Chris Chetland (KOG)
Photography by Abe Mora
Album cover by William Devine


all rights reserved



Troy Kingi Auckland, New Zealand

Troy Kingi (Te Arawa, Ngāpuhi, Te Whānau-ā-Apanui)

Described by the New Zealand Music Commission as “Our Northland Treasure”, Kingi rose to fame after the release of his first two multi-award-winning albums ‘Guitar Party at Uncles Bach’ and ‘Shake That Skinny Ass All the Way to Zygertron'. ... more


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